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September 2017

Middle aged! Who? Me?

· Wait...what? ·

The other morning, my daughter and I went into one of our well-branded stores with the intention of buying myself a cute ‘little’ Maxi dress. Being a little odd in measurements, if you know what I mean, I normally struggle with finding the perfect dress size. When I explained my dilemma to the friendly Store…

The Jogger and I!

· When will I see you again, Mr Jogger Man? ·

On Saturdays, as the sun rises, I like to take a walk in the park by myself. Alone. I especially like to sit on a park bench and contemplate ‘life’. I am often greeted by joggers or dog-walkers and normally, we pass each other by in silence while going about our own business.   On…

Paper or screen?

· Book or Kindle? ·

Don’t get me wrong! I LOVE gadgets and cannot imagine surviving ONE SINGLE DAY without my laptop, tablet or phone. When my usually dependable laptop recently crashed for no reason at all, I was lost; displaced and completely out of sorts! I need technology. Therefore, I too attempted the Kindle/e-Book ‘mania’. It was convenient and…

The 4-Leaf Clover.

· A little bit of magic - a whole lot of love! ·

On my 12th birthday, my best friend, a boy that I had grown up with, handed me an ivory made 4-leaf clover pendant for my birthday. I will never forget what this also-twelve-year-old said to me that day. He told me that he had looked all over for this 4-leaf clover; he had walked from store…