The 4-Leaf Clover.

· A little bit of magic - a whole lot of love! ·

September 17, 2017 0 Comments 2 Photos

"Legend says that each leaf on a 4-leaf clover represents something unique. One is for Faith. One is for Hope. One is for Love and one is for Luck."

On my 12th birthday, my best friend, a boy that I had grown up with, handed me an ivory made 4-leaf clover pendant for my birthday. I will never forget what this also-twelve-year-old said to me that day. He told me that he had looked all over for this 4-leaf clover; he had walked from store to store with his mother in search of this “must-find” pendant. He believed so enormously in the luck and love it would bring me throughout my life and that I HAD to have it. He said that it would bring me magic! What an old soul he was! And my VERY best friend! Of course we believed in magic!

Shortly after he passed away at the age of 29, I was devastated to find that I had lost my 4-leaf clover pendant. I was inconsolable; it was all that was left of our lifelong friendship. It was my “little bit of lucky” and my “a lot of love”! But, more than that, it was my only link to my friend and now that link was gone!

Then, 16 years later I received an unexpected parcel delivered to my door. It was addressed to me; it had my address on it and my name was written in BIG, BLACK, BOLD letters! There was no sender information or return address, only that it was shipped through Madagascar. Madagascar? I LOVE parcels, and this one was no different! When I finally had the box opened, there it was! A brand-spanking new diamond encrusted, gold 4-leaf clover pendant. From Madagascar! Sender UNKNOWN! Of course, I was flustered, shaken and utterly confused! I stared at it for days, and for days, I inspected every inch of the parcel. EVERY.SINGLE.INCH. I still have no idea who sent it or why it was sent to me. I have not been able to track down the sender, and I probably never will!

I like that I don’t know who it came from. I like that it remains a mystery. I like the idea that perhaps, it was my friend who somehow found an opening portal between two worlds. I like to think that maybe my friend had reached into this world for a brief moment, and magically replaced my 4-leaf clover pendant. I like the idea that magic is for real! I like to think that I don’t HAVE to explain or understand it. It was simple magic. Beautiful magic that found its way to me.

September 18, 2017