Middle aged! Who? Me?

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September 20, 2017 2 Comments

The other morning, my daughter and I went into one of our well-branded stores with the intention of buying myself a cute ‘little’ Maxi dress. Being a little odd in measurements, if you know what I mean, I normally struggle with finding the perfect dress size. When I explained my dilemma to the friendly Store Assistant, she winked and took me by the arm, “Come and look over here…you might find something more age-appropriate that caters for the middle aged”. Middle aged? Who? Me? When I glanced over at the “more age-appropriate” dresses, I was shocked to discover that these were dresses my granny wore! I politely, but awkwardly declined her offer and left the store empty handed. And sad.

When I returned home, I was still reeling in absolute shock that I was referred to as middle aged! Was I really? When I sat quietly and reflected on the term ‘middle aged’, I realized that no, I wasn’t! I was more than likely way past my halfway mark! I WAS middle aged! What a shock! What a thought! How could this be? I have girlfriends in their twenties and thirties! My exercise class is young, vibrant and fun! We laugh, giggle and fantasize over Ian Somerhalder being the real Christian Grey! PS: E.L. James, I need a moment to talk to you about this! We talk about tights and funky hairstyles! We listen to Slipknot and Pink! We drool over the latest glitter and foil nail art! I LOVE Kylie’s matt lipstick. I have Instagram and I am quite the hot-shot when it comes to taking selfies! I have Twitter and I have mastered the #hashtag thingy! When did this age ‘thing’ happen? Where exactly was I when this was happening?


I then realized that I was more than okay with my age. I have aged; I have the lines to prove it while the grey streaks in my hair are a dead give-away. My idea of a fun night out is dinner at a restaurant and bed by 11pm. My favourite pastime on a Saturday morning is to cuddle up with a good book and a cup of tea. Having coffee with my neighbour is a major highlight during a working week for me. I have aged. The thing is; my body simply cannot always keep up with my mind. But, that does not mean I am old. My mind will utterly disagree with that assumption! My heart will fight any one person who refers to me as middle-aged! My Soul will deny it! I remain 21…the years I have experienced after that is called wisdom. Or anniversaries of my 21st! Or yearly skills gained at being 21!

I will be returning to that well-branded store soon. I will get me that cute ‘little’ Maxi dress! I probably will find a pair of stilettos to accessorize simply because I can!
Who decides that?

I am a rock star!







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    September 20, 2017

    Exactly! How can one be middle age….when the mind says we are 20 odd…. I need to come and stay by you so that I can get fit and get a 20 odd body like yours…… Well done! You look amazing for your Uhm… 21 years ???

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      Alice VL

      September 20, 2017

      Yes, yes…21! 😉 The mind says so! Thank you for your waaaaay toooooo kind compliment! You should…you will LOVE my VERY PASSIVE exercising! xxx