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November 2017

To Go Back To Before

· Before she was someone else’s wife and before he was another’s man ·

Among thousands on that city street, she looked past the crowd and saw him standing there. She could barely move when she noticed the abrupt recognition in his face. Her world stood entirely still for just a moment as she anxiously fought to take in a breath of fresh air. With nowhere to hide, her…

Wish Upon That Shining Star, Tonight

· Because Beautiful Girl, Love Is For All Of Us ·

You’re the quiet girl in the corner of a crowded room, feeling so much more isolated than you’ve ever felt before, or even willing to admit. You’re the girl staring off dreamily and anxiously through your bedroom window when the entire world is asleep. You’re the girl that enthusiastically gazes up at the stars, hoping…

When He Slips Back In.


Every once in a while, she is wonderfully sure that a portal opens between the life she finds herself trapped in, and his, the next. She hears a song on the radio play more frequently than usual, and she smells his cologne in the strangest of places, at the oddest of times. She abruptly awakes…

Is “Young-Love” A Lesser Version Of Love?

· Was Mark and Zoey’s Child-Like Love As Authentic As Any Adult Love? ·

As children barely of school-going age, Mark and Zoey forged an indestructible, sustaining attachment that would ultimately capture and imprison not only their hearts, but their entire existence, for the rest of their lives. They were unreservedly devoted to and besotted with one another; initially only as childhood friends, then as love-struck teenagers and later,…