Lola’s Secret – The Photograph


November 3, 2017 0 Comments

Do you remember this picture?” He cautiously pulled out a photograph from a cabinet drawer and handed it to Daniel. It was a photograph of the Hudson girls posing with the Salvatore boys when they were barely older than six or seven. Daniel laughed once again and handed it over to Lola. “Man…I was so skinny.” Lola glared at the old portrait and felt her heart unexpectedly begin to hammer as she gasped for breath. She intently looked closer and was almost convinced it was a manifestation of her and Lauren when they were younger.

She repeatedly stared and studied the photograph, but when she realized how long ago it was and how much time had passed, she was certain that it could in no way be the two of them. “Lola? Are you all right?” Daniel was disturbingly susceptible to the fact that Lola had become ashen. “Fine Danny…fine.” She was ridiculously conscious of the blood that had instantly drained from her face while she handed the photograph back to John. “You look as though you’ve seen a ghost. Is something the matter?” Daniel was at once perturbed and enormously alarmed. “I…no…I don’t know…this is just so sad.

For the remainder of the evening, Lola was powerless to turn her thoughts away from the photograph and how copiously the image had unnerved her. Her mind reminded her that she and Lauren were the daughters of Peter and Sally Storey, but her heart presented her with an uncanny resemblance they bore to Tallulah and Lucille and how incredibly striking the similarity was. Lola was confident that her overwhelming need to exist as someone else was overpowering her and she was convinced that her mind was playing tricks on her. Still, she struggled to shake the feeling that she was somehow acquainted with the girls in the photograph. Daniel watched her often and questioned what it was about the photograph that entirely demoralized Lola.

After Daniel went to bed later that night, Lola made her way downstairs back into the living room, unable to sleep and concerned that her tossing and turning might wake Lauren. She was pleased to find the log fire still smoldering, and quietly sat down in front of the warmth, still overwhelmingly troubled by the photograph she saw earlier. She failed to notice John come in and was startled when she unexpectedly heard his voice behind her. “Lola…are you all right…are you cold?” “A little…but I’m fine, thank you John. I just couldn’t sleep…and it’s so peaceful down here.” John sat down on the sofa beside her and gazed into the fire. “You look a little sad?” “It’s nothing…just the photograph earlier…it just made me sad. Families that just cease to exist. Just like that.” John placed his hand on her shoulder before he stood up and made his way back towards his bedroom, without responding. Lola sat in silence for a while afterwards, furtively wishing that it was her and Lauren in the picture, but sure that it could never be.