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November 5, 2017 2 Comments

When I began writing my very first book many, many years ago, I knew that the writing part would be the easiest part of the entire “write-a-book-and-publish-a-book” process. Accomplished and best-selling authors who have been around for years relentlessly warn all new writers to be cautious and keenly aware of publishing houses and how they operate. Naturally, this became one of the scariest and most daunting factors for me, as a new author. I was so afraid of all the warnings that I held onto my books for much longer than was necessary. Some of the things I was hearing was that without an agent, I wouldn’t get published and that my work will be rejected at once. There are words such as vanity publishing, traditional publishing and self publishing being thrown around, and I had no idea what any of that even meant! All of this immensely overwhelmed me.

After having completed several books, I began discussing options with two local publishers who seemed interested and eager to publish my books. But, I too realized that I was simply a number to them and when I became exceedingly weary of their terms, I held onto my books a little longer.

This was when I discovered self-publishing. It seemed to be the best and safest route to take and I had no-one to answer to. I immediately released my selected books online and at once began experiencing a small amount of success. But, it felt to me as though it wasn’t enough. I was not doing enough to get my books “out there“. I soon discovered that in order to really market my books, I would have to pay out a small fortune and to be honest, I am a terrible marketer and self-promoter. I have no clue of where to start marketing my books or how to reach or even decipher my target audience. I felt stuck. My books were somewhere out in cyber space and I had no idea of how to get them to readers. I was growing increasingly frustrated by the stagnation of sales that my books were doing. I again decided to try the traditional publishing route, just one more time. I had been reading about rejection letters and emails and accepted that there would probably be many such letters that would come my way. I braced myself as I began searching and researching publishing houses – over the sea and far, far away from me.

By chance, I found a post and a friendly face online almost straight away. I liked the way the CEO, Tammy Koelling “spoke” and I was impressed by all the publishing and marketing services they offered. I immediately sent my manuscripts in and within a matter of weeks, I received the email that was about to change my life. Without an agent and without much experience; with enormous geographical distance, I was offered a traditional publishing contract. I knew then that my words mattered to her as much as they mattered to me. I loved the fact the publishing house was called “Words Matter Publishing“. I felt safe and secure at once. There was something about her approach and they way she dreamed my dreams that told me I would be alright.

Not only are my books in great hands, but I have learnt so much in such a short time. I have been guided and wonderfully led throughout this entire process. I have regular contact with the CEO of Words Matter Publishing and EVERY SINGLE THING gets run by me as though I actually know what I’m doing. I don’t, by the way. They have gone above and beyond to make all my publishing dreams come true. Not only have they improved on my book cover a million times over, but they are right beside me as I attempt to establish my place in the industry, even though they are thousands of miles away from me. With a beautiful book cover, an amazing trailer and a wonderful website, I KNOW without any doubt that this is the publishing house I WANT to work with.

Yes, this is a tough industry and I know how authors have been burnt along the way. I may not know much about this industry yet, but what I have been experiencing from the moment I signed my contract, is pure bliss. For the first time since I began scribbling meaningless words down on what was to become my dream, I never in a million years even considered being good enough to be picked up by a publishing house in an entire different country, because they think I am worth it.

I know that thank you will never be nearly enough for all that Words Matter Publishing does for me and if anyone out there is as fortunate as I am to be signed by them … don’t even HESITATE! You and your work is in the BEST of hands, because they truly do matter!

Anyone who puts up your name in gold, is worth their weight in gold!






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    November 5, 2017

    That’s really great to hear Alice. It really seems like a good way to go. I am worried about being treated like a number too. Even if I am ‘lucky’ enough to get an agent or publisher interested in my book. Having no control over the front cover etc leaves a bitter taste in my mouth. I mean, it’s my book lol.

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      Alice VL

      November 5, 2017

      Hi Kim! I was entirely overwhelmed by the exact same fears! Also, I NEVER, EVER, EVER thought I would be signed by a publisher from the US. Please try your “luck”. You owe it to yourself to at LEAST try!
      I have COMPLETE control over EVERY SINGLE THING! From my cover, to my website and right through to my trailer. They come up with some really great ideas, but won’t pass a thing off without your approval.
      And … more importantly, you are certainly NOT just a number! You are someone that matters and your work MATTERS! Let me know how it goes should you make that BIG leap! I have been given SO MUCH guidance and support, like … it actually LOOKS as though I know what I’m doing! Good luck with your book and remember, it WILL STAY YOUR BOOK! xxx