Is Loving Another So Much More Than Just A Simple Decision?

· Whether you think you have decided to love or not to love, love will find you anyways, always. ·

November 6, 2017 0 Comments

When Daniel and Lola had first met, they were both instantly, yet vigilantly aware of an intense attraction and inexplicable connection between them. Lola was in no way at all looking for love while Daniel was convinced that he had already found love. Lola was entirely unnerved and overawed by his presence; convinced that there was something familiar about him, even though she could in no way at all, place him in any fragment of her life. When she reached for his extended, welcoming hand, she was once again sure that there was something recognizable about him and yet at the same time, she felt extraordinarily diminutive in his presence which compelled her to vacillate for a moment. There was something about him that she could not quite explicate, however, she was acutely aware of how chillingly threatening his charisma seemed to her.

As Daniel shamelessly gazed at her, unwilling to let go of her hand, he was convinced that they had met once before, but at the same time, he was certain that he would in no way at all, have discarded meeting someone like her.

From the moment they met, Lola could not banish his eyes from her mind, while Daniel, who had never been intimidated by a woman before, felt incredibly defenceless and uncomfortable around her. He was cautiously aware of his own unrecognizable emotions which had made place for an overwhelming urge to protectively embrace and guard her, as though he had known her forever. Lola, instead, was excruciatingly sensitive to her thumping heart each time his eyes would fall upon hers.

As they continued with their typical, day to day lives after their initial meeting, they were mysteriously and unceasingly placed directly onto one another’s trails. As much as they were desperate to avoid running into one another, they could by no means at all, escape their increasing emotions and susceptibility for one another; not only in the presence of each other, but more so in the absence of the other.

Lola valiantly attempted to steer clear of Daniel while he was instinctively overcome by the desire to hunt her. As though the Universe was intentionally enforcing once-abandoned plans for them, they were carelessly and incessantly brought together until they could no longer refute the untaught emotions that had begun to consume them.

To love another is no deliberate or conscious decision whatsoever. It if is, then it is certainly not love. It creeps up on you and shows up unannounced or repulsively when you least expect it. Often, you fail to see it coming and you barely even recognize that it has begun to conquer you. Only when the danger of losing someone becomes a brutal reality, does the authenticity finally sink in which could leave you feeling entirely displaced and utterly lost. It has the supreme power to manifest physically. It can impact you positively and at times, it can become strenuous and painful. Feelings that you have never quite felt before emerges, and you won’t quite understand the innate emotions that might seem crushing to you, at some point. No matter how resolutely you attempt to caution yourself against what you might have once deemed as reckless emotions, there is no rejecting the reality that you are being driven by something enormously greater than you could ever imagine. As your mind advises you against what you begin to sense, your entire being rebels against your mentality.

This is when you unenthusiastically absorb the certainty that love is not a decision, it never was. Who you love is not a choice you make, after an evaluation of another. There is no way to consciously love another, and there is no way to intentionally fall out of love with someone. It just is. It can be over almost as soon as it had begun, or it can linger for an entire lifetime. It is a correlation that you cannot contradict or combat against. Love is greater than our consciousness and more powerful than willpower or restraint. Your life no longer seems as significant without that association and nothing makes sense when you lose it.

Whether you think you have made a conscious decision to love or not to love, love will find you anyways, always.