A Sacred Kind Of Love.

· Conquered by a love between two souls. ·

November 7, 2017 0 Comments

When Samantha died unexpectedly, William’s inconsolable grief failed to cast a shadow over his overwhelming sensitivity to the fact that their lives together was somehow incomplete; that there had to be more out there for them. While he was incessantly urged to release her, and accept that she was gone, he could barely shake the feeling that she was reaching out for him and despite the harsh reality, he was convinced that she was somehow, simply missing from him. William could in no way at all, disconnect from her or the obsessive and defeating love he continued to have for her.

As time passed by, and as he desperately tried to regain some normality in his life without her, William would hear her call out to him in the darkest of nights and would wake up for no reason at all, sure that he could still feel her close to him. There was always something mysterious that would keep him caged whenever he met someone new; someone he hoped would step in and remove the nothingness that had begun to consume him. His life without Samantha was wholly altered and there was nothing, no traces left of the man who once stood in pride at Samantha’s side. He was sure that she had stolen his identity from him, the day she had died; that she had carelessly abducted and taken with her, the man he once was.

When he met Sandra for the first time, everything he thought he knew about himself, was distorted once again. He felt a certain, yet bizarre acquaintance with her; one he hadn’t been introduced to since Samantha. Her eyes provided surprising comfort to him, and her voice warmly appeased him. He at once recognized almost similar emotions for Sandra; sentiments that once belonged only to Samantha. Through his devastating senses of betrayal that he felt towards Samantha, William was powerless to rebuff his increasing and almost untaught, attachment to Sandra. It was almost as though Samantha had returned to him. The closer he became to Sandra, the closer Samantha felt to him, almost as though she had come back to him through Sandra. It was not in the way she looked; their appearances were poles apart. It was in the way she walked, the way she talked, and the way Sandra would stop dead in her tracks and just look at him. For the first time since Samantha’s death, William knew that he had a fighting chance of attaching to someone again. He was no longer conquered by his love for Samantha.

William was about to embark upon a journey of finding love once again. He was anxious for somewhere in the world to belong and someone to integrate with. As his enigmatic attachment to Sandra was amplified, he was excited and enthusiastic to discover all there was to absorb about Sandra. Yet, the one fragment that failed him, was what it was about her that drew him into her world so recklessly. While ignoring the nudges and nagging feelings that there was more to discover about Sandra, he was puzzled by the reality that he was unreservedly defenseless in and indisputably overawed by her presence. He was constantly torn between his devoted love for Samantha and his equal obsession with Sandra. Was it possible for William to uncover two sacred loves in one single lifetime?

He thought he did, before the cruel reality revealed that Sandra was in fact, none other than Samantha. His Samantha. Samantha whom he had buried years before. She had become unrecognizable when she altered her appearance, and taken on a new identity. As she had desperately embarked upon her own journey to become Sandra and transform her ways and habits as Samantha, she had accidentally found her way back to William, even though she was desperate to keep him safely tucked away in her past, until she could dream up a new life of her own and without him. After discovering her true identity, William finally understood what precisely it was that he had seen in her eyes and heard in her voice that had brought him much-needed relief. He ultimately grasped the fact that his soul had hunted hers, and that it was never about who she was or what she looked like. She felt like home to him. Through many lifetimes, he irrefutably understood that his soul had belonged to hers and that there could never be more than one great, sacred love; a profound and fierce love between two souls that was immortal.

There was no reservation at all, that his soul had recognized hers. Something greater than their mortal world had conspired to bring them back together, once again. It was almost as if two worlds had signed a contract and merged solely for the survival of William and Samantha. It was a mysterious force that had collaborated to keep them alive only for one another.

A never-ending, sacred kind of love is believed to travel through more than one lifetime and is considered a mirror of two souls. There are many classes of love and many ways to love, but there is only one love that emanates without borders. The passion between two souls is a distinctive kind of love where these souls have a haunting, innate need to belong, and they spend their entire lives searching and hunting their counterparts.

Greek mythology says that the soul was so powerful that Zeus divided the soul into two in an attempt to compel us to spend our lives searching for our other half. These souls were carelessly ripped apart and placed on opposite sides of the Universe, even in alternate dimensions and possibly, centuries apart. They wander aimlessly through life as they unwittingly yearn for the other and often, very rarely live a fulfilled life. Even though they ultimately find what they consider to be love with someone else, they continue to feel as though there is something missing from their lives. They live with the brutal reality that there is someone out there somewhere, that they ache for, they just don’t know who or whether it is even real. Legend also says that there will come a time when these two souls will irrevocably end up in the same dimension and the same century, which will ultimately unite them to become one once more. Only then will they know authentic, sacred love and devotion and only then, will they have come home.

Love WILL find you, always.