Girls, Don’t Settle For Him!

· Settle Only Because You Don't Have To Settle ·

November 18, 2017 0 Comments

You live in a world where you get what you can get, and you take what you can take.  You settle for that job you hate, because you are afraid that nothing else or nothing better might come along.

You settle for a town you don’t belong in or fit into, because you are afraid that you might never come home to the place your souls long for, even though you’re not quite sure you know where that is.

You endure friendships that no longer, or never served you; friendships that are never truly authentic, because you don’t know if friends that become family, truly exist.

And then … because you are so conditioned to settle for everything else in this world, you settle for love, because he might be all you can get.

And when you’ve been single for far longer than you planned or wished to be, you begin to negotiate your terms of settlement, almost as though you are surrendering to what you think you can get, sure that it’s all you ever will get. You instruct your mind to disregard your heart’s nudges, and you promise your soul that you will eventually, fall in love with the one you like.

You settle for him because he treats you kindly and with respect; because he loves you and you don’t really know much of anything else. You settle for okay’ish and you are happy’ish, because you are fine’ish. You just don’t know of a euphoric or stupor kind of love. Your mind tricks you into identifying what it views to be a safe kind of love. Your heart endlessly searches for more; a truly, madly, deeply kind of love. Something you don’t really know, and you are not quite sure that it even exists. You begin to settle for what you think you know to be love.

If you are afraid you might end up alone, you will never feel lonelier, than in a crowded room when you settle for him.

If you are convinced that you’ve gotten all you can get, don’t settle for him.

If he doesn’t light you up, and emotionally ignites you, don’t settle for him.

If he seems without flaws, charming, smart, successful and drop-dead gorgeous, yet you continue to search for that missing something in him, don’t settle for him.

If his voice is not your favorite sound, or entirely frightens and excites you all at the same time, don’t settle for him.

If sticking to the rules far outweighs breaking them for him, don’t settle for him.

If you don’t miss him the moment he walks out the door, don’t settle for him.

If he doesn’t deliver messages to your heart, don’t settle for him.

If he is not a risk you are willing to take, even if you suspect that loving him could wholly destroy and crush your heart, don’t settle for him.

If you don’t inexplicably feel as though you’ve loved him before, perhaps in more lives than one would allow you to, don’t settle for him.

If you don’t feel the energy of a thousand suns on your lips when he kisses you, don’t settle for him.

If his presence does not thrill and scare you all at the same time, don’t settle for him.

Be brave, be courageous and don’t settle for anything less than the eyes you drown in, the arms you feel safe in and the air you gasp for when you see him. You don’t have to. You should not. You must not.

The Universe knows when souls are equipped to wreck the world together, settle for that.

When you meet the one who whispers to your soul, you will finally understand why it could never work with anyone else, settle for that.

When you stand in front of him, and your entire body erupts into a shudder simply because he calls out your name, settle for that.

When he holds you so flawlessly in his arms that the world around you disappears, settle for that.

When your heart knows things about him that your mind cannot explain, settle for that.

Settle because you don’t have to settle.