Lola’s Secret ***RELEASE***

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November 23, 2017 0 Comments

At that very moment, Lola was sure that there was not much more in the entire universe that could measure up to the excruciating distress that she was feeling at that very second.
There was nothing, other than death that could make her heart endure the agonizing and unbearable ache it was feeling as she stood watching Daniel.
She could in no way, move an inch of her even though she was desperate to summarily escape the drama that was unfolding before her very eyes.
It was a vision that she was certain that she could in no way survive and it carelessly and fluently destroyed her soul. Every part of her body had begun to shudder while she was overcome with intense nausea, accompanied by a hollow twinge which felt as though it was shredding her belly into a thousand pieces.
She placed her hand in front of her mouth in a desperate attempt to remain hushed, while her tears were streaming unreservedly down her cheeks. Lola was powerless to impede the valley of tears that had opened up inside of her. Her heart was hammering at an intense rate and she could barely breathe.
She gasped for breath while continually swallowing past the confining lump in her throat,

23rd November 2017

Hello All!

It is with such great pleasure and enthusiasm that I introduce the beautiful Lola Storey to you and hope that you come along and share her journey in Lola’s Secret!

When I began to write Lola’s Secret, I stole the boy she had loved for her entire life from her. I stole her parents from her. I stole her life from her; her perfect little world was shattered. I hurt her tremendously by placing her in an awful family, with dreadful parents and horrible siblings. I made her live out her entire childhood under horrid circumstances. I wanted her to feel what I had lived; I felt her pain and I lived her losses with her. But Lola seemed so much stronger than I was, and I admired her courage. I was resentful of her surviving the events that I had imposed upon her that should have traumatized her forever. I hated her for that! I envied her, her strength! She just refused to stay down! What I would not to take from her, was her beloved sister. The sister she adored and would lay down her life for. The only family she had left. That would be too unbearable and perhaps, that would be the final nail in her coffin. I know. I lost mine and I would not want for any other person in the world to experience such a tremendous loss. So, I saved her sister for her. Perhaps, that was what had kept her going?

As Lola grew stronger; she became a better person despite all that she was going through. She became empowered, and I became angrier. She was coping with a life that would shatter many of us. When she was at her happiest, I would throw another hurdle out in front of her. I wanted to see how she would come back from each fall. I wanted to learn from her. Lola had to teach me. When it seemed that Lola would in no way at all survive yet another loss, I felt immense pity for her and I then wanted to help her find her way back. So, Lola taught me. We taught each other.

When I was exhausted by so recklessly punishing Lola, I knew that the story could not end where it was meant to end initially. I did not want her story to end there. I was intensely remorseful for giving her the life I did and then leaving her right there and just like that. I felt I owed her more and at the very least, I wanted to help her pick up the pieces. I did not want to turn my back on her.  I did not want her to believe in the life she had lived. So, we embarked upon a brand new journey; one that I had and could in no way predict. Once I realized that I owed her so much more than I had given her, Lola took on a life of her own; she diligently moved forward and ended her own story. All I did was to pen it out for her. She found her own ending and she ended the story on her own terms; back to the boy she had no memory of and the family she thought she remembered. She was a part of something so much bigger than she could ever imagine and she sought it out.

Thank you for signing up and I truly hope that you enjoy living with Lola as much as I did in the end.

Happy Thanksgiving to All!

With Love,