Let It Be You …

· Who Deserves Him. ·

December 5, 2017 0 Comments

You see them, so many of them. Those intimidating, golden and sunshine girls that swoon around him while their feet barely touch the ground. And … as though you don’t belong in their sunlight, you make yourself so small and do your best to fade away unseen. You don’t deserve him. You don’t deserve to be counted as an element of their rhythm. They arrogantly claim him while you trail off into the background and vanish far off into the distance.

You slip away quietly, invisibly and overlooked. You don’t want him to see you dissolve amongst these golden girls. You lower your head, desperate to pass through undetected. How cruel it would be for your heart to realize, it doesn’t deserve his. How brutal is it that your soul does not shine like a jewel in his eyes? You can’t let your heart catch on that it does not deserve him, when you’ve assured it that it ought to wear a smile and how your soul, deserves to matter amongst the very best of them.

Girl, what are you even thinking?

Wipe away those tears and move away from those fears. Let it be you, who deserves him. You don’t have to hide in the shadows, shine as only you can sparkle and be your own kind of wonderful. Evoke your own kind of beautiful, and stop hiding in the cold tracks of the golden girls. Why are they golden and you’re not? Who crowned them and skipped you? Why do their lights shine so brightly as you frantically try and darken yours?

Be you and endorse you. Think of him as lucky to deserve you. Don’t hand the golden girls all the glory, when you are the one with all the strength and beauty. Don’t smile to mask the discomfort, smile because of how beautiful you are when you smile. Feel safe in your exquisite heart and find comfort in your magnificent skin. Your laughter is you and it’s magnificent. Your mere presence is your own unique you, and it’s significant. Don’t impose a lesser version of love upon your heart, when it deserves nothing less than wonderful. Let it be your heart that is worthy.

You are golden too. You deserve it all, too. You are exactly who you should be. Tell that girl in the mirror staring back at you, that you are privileged to be her. Let it be her, who deserves him. Your dreams are precious and no lesser than anyone else’s, hunt them. Don’t trade your enchanted voice for silence. Don’t trade your ecstasy for sorrow. Don’t trade your exhilaration for anger. Don’t trade your heart for shelter. Don’t trade you; any piece of you, any fraction of you or any fragment of you. Reach up as high as you can and touch the sky. Build that ladder that will reach the stars someday, and climb it. Let them look at you as the golden, sunshine girl. Let it be your shadow, they hide in. Let it be just you, who deserves him.


December 6, 2017