So, You’re Broken?

· But … what if you’re not? ·

December 8, 2017 0 Comments

What if the brokenness you are feeling right now is nothing more than a side effect of bravery? Of a courage inside of you that has allowed you to embark on the scariest thing in the world, love. What if that so-called brokenness stems from the valor and the beauty of your wide-open arms that were ready to encircle another? What if it’s simply the consequences of a vulnerable heart that you have so freely given out to someone else. Someone you trusted to take ownership of, someone you relied wholeheartedly on to love it back. Someone you said yes to. Yes, to a life that embraced love and all there was that came with love. Someone you had faith in, to cherish and shelter that beautiful heart beating inside of you.

What if your brokenness is simply the aftermath of all you had surrendered and gave away to someone else? All that you had to give and all that you willingly, relinquished. What if your brokenness is the after-effect of so much of yourself that you rebuked in the end, that you forgot about you and the little things you were made up of? You tried so rigorously to be the joy for someone else, that you disregarded your own. You handed over your heart so selflessly and unreservedly, that you forgot that only you are the crusader of it. What if your heart was the only courageous one in all of this, and that you alone tried to keep it all together?

What if your brokenness is simply a by-product of love? The sacrifice it willingly made when you opened that door to a maybe. You love. So, maybe he might keep your love for him sheltered and sacred. Perhaps, he would honor and respect that which is most precious inside of you.

What if your brokenness is simply a secondary effect of a promise? What if your heart hinted at and unveiled all the possibilities it knew was out there for you? The promise of a love story that would subsist beyond realms and universes.

Has this brokenness replaced you with someone you don’t know, quite possibly don’t even like? Where is that girl, the one who once enthusiastically flattered you in the mirror? Have you become the girl who stopped playing her music loudly, afraid that she might not hear love calling for her? The girl who stopped daydreaming, because she is terrified that the real world might disenchant her. The girl who stopped flying because life expects her feet to be planted firmly on the ground. Did she forget or discard that girl in the mirror? Did she stop loving her first?

What if your brokenness is simply a call to get your you-ness back? The girl who danced instead of walked. The girl with stars in her eyes and flowers in her hair. The girl whose soul shone so brightly, that the world could not shun her. The girl who found moments in none and music in poems. The girl who sauntered through rocky paths as though she was climbing on stars. The girl who giggled into her sleeve and laughed out loud for no reason at all. The girl who turned her scars into stories and celebrations. The girl who understood that another women’s beauty is not the absence of her own. The girl who knew that she was never broken, just slightly bumped and a tad bit scratched.




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