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I am so pleased and terribly excited to reveal Molly’s beautiful book cover!

Seventeen-year-old Molly was relentless when pleaded and begged her father to let her stay behind in the village she grew up in, after James Starkey was tasked with the grim decision of moving his family away from the only home they had ever know, and out to the city.
Molly was terrified of leaving Ryan behind. She could barely shake the overwhelming and tormenting fear that things between them, were about to change forever.

After their first holiday together months later, Molly was devastated to return to her parents, bringing horrendous and shocking tragedy with her.
James was crushed by Ryan and Molly’s carelessness, and in a moment of anger, he demanded that she never see Ryan again. Molly’s hopelessness and rage turned to instant hatred for the father she once adored.
James was beleaguered by feelings of guilt as he watched his daughter pine for the boy she had left behind; the boy he had forced her to say goodbye to, and in the process, he made her question all that she had ever believed in. Would he ever forgive himself for the haunting choices he made on her behalf?

When Molly finally made the journey back to the town she once adored, she was shocked to discover that the man he had become, was nothing like the boy she had once left behind. Even though her heart longed for him, he had become a stranger to her. She was horrified by his unanticipated anger and surprising hatred towards her when he learnt of Molly’s disturbing betrayal.

Will Molly and Ryan’s one night together make way for a whole new world of distressing aftermaths? Will Ryan ultimately forgive her, and can he stop her from making the same mistake again? Will Molly finally find peace in all that once destroyed her, and can she ever forgive James for turning his back on her when she needed him the most?