Mother, How Are You Today?

May 13, 2018 0 Comments

Mothers are disguised queens, who wear invisible crowns on their tired heads. Sometimes, they sparkle with diamonds, gold and glitter. Other times, they carry thorns.

She is the keeper, protector and defender of your heart; she is the mender of your broken one.

She sees something that is worth believing in, long before you do.

She is not the one that has never struggled. She’s the one that has never given up, despite her exhaustive struggles.

She has had to learn about strengths she never knew she had, as she fought fears she never knew she could.

She fails often, she cries in silence, and she prays endlessly. Despite all the challenges she faces each day, she still comes home to love you, for no reason at all.

She lives an entire life you know nothing of, and she fights demons you never will know she’s had.

She watches you sleep, and she prays to do better for you, the next day.

She has lived through your tantrums, your milestones and your fears.

She has lost sleep, she has comforted you during nightmares, and she leaves you that last piece of cake, every single time.

She is mentally and physically exhausted, yet, you are never a burden.

She watches you grow, she watches you change and she watches as you become the very best version of yourself, after she has painfully sat through your very worst.

She hears you make plans, and she sees you dream.

She guides even when you are certain you don’t need it, and she teaches you when you think you aren’t listening.

Then she stands back, and watches you leave.

From a distance, she keeps an eye on you as you follow your dreams, and discover your wonderful.

She sees you fall in love, she lets you go on your wedding day, and she watches as you become a mother or a father for the very first time.

She thinks of you each day, and she continues to pray for you with each breath.

You may no longer need her, but her heart still needs yours so.


So today, on Mother’s Day, raise your glass to her, and perhaps, raise your standards a little. She is the only one who will be standing, when everything else falls apart. She will be right behind you, beside you or in front of you, wherever you need her to be, and when everyone else leaves.

She is your mother … the only person who will love you for the rest of her life, for no reason at all.


Happy Mother’s Day to all the mothers out there in the world!

Today, I raise my glass to you, as I try to raise my standards for you!