It’s Me, Samantha : The Ghost Of Samantha Harrington

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They took away her name. They took away her face. They took away her identity, and then they sent her back to her old life.

He met her again. He fell in love with her again. He saw it in her eyes and he heard it in her voice.

eBook – It’s Me, Samantha

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When Samantha left for overseas to complete a project at work, she had no idea that she would never return as the girl who owned William’s heart or as the daughter and sister of a family she had been raised in.

Four years after Samantha said goodbye to them for a quick trip, she came back to a life that would no longer recognize her as Samantha; and she quickly learned that she had to fight her way back as Sandra. Samantha no longer looked like the girl they buried after learning that she had died in a fiery car crash, so far away from home.

Samantha slowly found her way back into a life that had almost forgotten her; only she had to find her way back to them while trying to become Sandra, taking on a new identity and a new face; back to William and back to a life she longed for.

May 31, 2018