What If We Could Go Back In Time?

· What if fantasies and magic really exist? ·

June 18, 2018 0 Comments

What if we could change one single crushing, devastating and shattering event that debilitated us, crippled us and changed our lives forever?
What if we knew what was coming and we are given the power to stop it from happening at all?
What if there really is a fault in the stars once in a while?
What if we could change just one single decision?
What if YOU were given one more last chance?
What if?

That is exactly what happened to Sarah and Holly – they were given one more last chance to go back.

But, what if a love for someone left behind is so great that he finds an opening between two Universes, to come back to her?

Misty-Bleu was given one more last chance to love him again – in her world, and in his.

Sarah dreamed big. She dreamed of bright city lights, success and becoming someone important someday. When she set out to find her own kind of wonderful – to see her name in the stars, to find her place in the world she so desperately hunted, she swore to come home worthy of Daniel’s love.
But the years wentย by and each year, Sarah needed just one more year until twelve long years had passed.
When she finally came home, she was horrified to discover how nothing was the same anymore. She was devastated by the secrets her family and Daniel had hidden from her, and she was crushed to learn that she had come home, one promise too late.
Is her devastation so great that Adelaine Alandrali takes pity on her and gives her one more last chance to change who she becomes, how she gets there and more importantly, can she save Daniel from a seeming, inevitable fate?

Passage Of Time – Book 1

Holly stumbles into Sarah’s Bookstore after hearing exciting news. Her life is about to be exactly the way she planned. She accidentally finds Passage Of Time on a coffee table in the bookstore. Sarah is horrified that Holly had stumbled across Adelaine Alandrali’s magic, and knows instinctively that Holly is in trouble.
That night, Holly didn’t get to share her news with Mark and is brutally murdered at the hands of his best friend.
Does Adelaine Alandrali know Holly’s fate when she gives her one more last chance to go back, and alter her course?
But, is it as simple as that? Does Sarah see the signs Holly refuses to? When Sarah and Daniel race against time to alter Holly’s fate, does Mark finally see the signs too?
Or, is it too late … again?

A Crinkle In Time – Book 2

He was not ready to lose her in either worlds, so he tricked the stars and conspired against the Universe.
He loved her in life – he swept her into a portal and loved her in death, and then he sent her back to her world as he continued to linger in his – between life and between death.
They told her it was all in her mind. They said that her memories were never real.
They locked her away until he found a way back, through his Universe, a portal and back into hers.

Afterlight – A Novel

Never say never. Never think never.