Why Must Things Make Sense?

June 26, 2018 0 Comments

Why do we choose our words so carefully to say what we think others want to hear? Why do we cling to things that hurt and control us? Why do we chase things to impress others, but bring no joy to our hearts? Why do we love with rules and expectations? Why do we live so cautiously and value other’s opinions above our own? Why must life make any sense at all? Why can’t we just have faith that our hearts already knows what to do?

For one day, let us rather just live as though we have nothing to lose. Let us speak from our hearts and feel the messages from our Soul. Let us pay attention to the gentle nudges deep within us, and try and follow they path it wants us to go on. Let us love those who want nothing from us. Let us love as though there is nothing to gain and nothing to give.

Let us walk slowly, instead of running and let us bring out those dreams we buried deep inside of us somewhere. Let us say how we feel, and have nothing to fear because of that.

Let us look into the eyes of those we love with nothing to hide and nothing to prove. Let us lift the veils from our eyes and from our hearts, and show the world we are worth so much more than things.

Let’s get back those kitchen dances, and the sparkles we once had in our eyes. Let us bring that inner child back, and believe in fairies, magic, unicorns and fairy tales.

Let us take a moment and hear someone’s story. Let us listen for their prayers.

Let’s leave for tomorrow what steals time from us today. Disappointing others is sometimes necessary.

Find the extraordinary in the ordinary again. Kick off your shoes and feel the sand underneath your feet. Put that flower back in your hair and run through fields of daisies. Watch the sunrise and appreciate the sunsets – they are God’s reset button.

And love. Love because there was something to love when it all began. Whether it’s been only a few weeks or twenty years, find that, that once bowled you over. Look closely again and let your heart whisper old love letters to your soul. Take his hand, and squeeze it. Plant a kiss on his cheek and mean it. Go through old photographs and remember why you fell in love in the first place. Love yourself. Value your you’ness. Un-complicate things; call back that, that you miss. Take back that which once made you happy. Cry when you want to and laugh out loud as often as you can. Don’t try to figure things out – you don’t have to. Don’t try to understand everything, you shouldn’t.

Life shouldn’t make sense. It must be a leap of faith and trusting the Universe with your life, because when all is said and done; when our journey is over, all we are left with is that, that is carved into our Souls.