My Interview With Words Matter Publishing

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Alice spent the majority of her childhood in her grandmother’s home who taught her to play the piano and the Melodica. During times spent with her beloved grandma Lulu, she developed a passionate love for reading and began her writing career writing casual poetry.
She spent many years working as a recruitment consultant while secretly writing her stories. It was only when she began writing regularly for a local magazine, that she began to invest more of her time in her writing.
From a very young age, Alice found herself drawn into a world of poetry and writing, and once she had successfully published “her voice” as she calls it, her world into non-fiction began.
Her greatest love has always been the English language while her torment and childhood deficiencies led her into the world of bringing the two together.
A music lover, a book addict and her enormous devotion to “broken souls” have catapulted her into a world of both fiction and non-fiction.

AUTHOR INTERVIEW with Alice VL about her books, “Lola’s Secret” and “Molly.”

WM–Why did you write this book?
Lola’s Secret focuses on a young girl reaching adulthood without her parents, and a sister to take care of. Even though she comes across as shy and introverted, when she finds love, it helps her evolve into the strong, independent woman she becomes. All the obstacles she faces in such a short time, only make her stronger when she is supposed to fall apart completely.

Molly is about a young girl who has loved from a very young age. As she grows older and is separated from him, she remains committed to a boy, and later a man she goes back to find.
What is the target audience?
Young adult – romance.

What are the words that matter most?
Love and devotion.

Who is the character in the book you most identify with and why?
I identified largely with Lola, as through all she went through, she managed to fight and claw her way out, without losing that about her, which matters the most.

What’s in it for the reader? How does this book add value to the life of the reader who chooses to spend their precious time reading it?
They are both stories about staying true to yourself and to your heart and to have faith in a love that always wins out in the end, no matter what.

How should this book be read and why? ( e.g., in 1 sitting, 1 chapter at a time, etc.)  Is this a book that requires my full undivided attention and undiluted focus or can I read it with screaming kids around?
I think they are books that allow you to feel what the character feels. I think it depends on the reader and their ability to focus and become a part of the characters and stories.

If readers were to really comprehend and embrace the message of your book, could it inspire them to greatness? OR if the point of the book is for entertainment,  could it give them a much-needed rest or teach them how to relax?
I think they are feel-good books at the end and might just re-affirm the fact that love is worth it. Always.

Who is the main characters and give a brief description of them or their role in the story?
Lola is a young girl that is much older than her years. She takes care of her younger, extroverted sister who enjoys life and all it has to offer. Lola’s only focus is to successfully raise her sister, as she, tries to grow up and reach adulthood. Through her childhood trauma, she has no desire for love, but when she meets Daniel, she can’t shake a connection or emotions she feels towards him. She spends much time trying to ignore them, but eventually surrenders to her feelings and falls in love with him. Their relationship is not without trials, and when she learns of the secrets of her identity, she is thrown into unknown territories.
Molly too is a young girl living a normal life in a city she was raised in. She is dating Ryan, a boy she had grown up with. When her father moves them to the city, Molly struggles to adapt without him. When her father later gives her an ultimatum, she leaves home after graduation in search of Ryan again. But, what she isn’t prepared for is how Ryan had changed, and how she could not step back into his life, as though she had never been gone.

What is the main conflict?
In both books, it is general challenges young girls face as they grow up.

What is the central question that the book seeks to answer?
Can love truly conquer all?

How did you come up with the characters for this book?
The characters actually became their own as the story progressed.

What was the hardest part of writing this book?
They were both challenging in terms of all the trials they both had to endure. There were times I felt that perhaps, it was a little unrealistic, but having lived similar challenges, it was important to show that no matter how hard, or how trying and unfair life was, they could rise up above their circumstances, with their hearts and dignity intact.

Do you plan to write more? (what are you currently working on or plan to write in the future?)
I have a few projects I am busy with. I have started on a series called The Bookstore which focuses on events surrounding a bookstore and the ability to go back to a certain moment in time and alter a course of devastation.