Why was Lola so determined and anxious to take Lauren and run from the home they were raised in, leaving their parents and remaining siblings behind while placing great distance between them? Why was she so inexplicably drawn to Sutherland, a town she had never been to before? Did she intuitively escape to find shelter in the arms of a town that her soul knew? Could she blend in and become just another face in the crowd while desperate to hide from the world?

Why did Daniel’s heart so dreadfully hunt hers? Why was he so desperate to conquer and win her? Who were the faces that her soul recognized, yet, she was convinced that she had never met any of them before? Has she truly never met them before?

Who was the woman she had been dreaming of almost her entire life; nudging her to find her way home? Where was home? Why was she so fiercely nudging Lola to find the answers that she promised, would ultimately set her free? Why was she appearing in her dreams, and why wasn’t she showing her, her face? Who was she? Why was Lola tormented and haunted by her?



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