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Wish Upon That Shining Star, Tonight

· Because Beautiful Girl, Love Is For All Of Us ·

You’re the quiet girl in the corner of a crowded room, feeling so much more isolated than you’ve ever felt before, or even willing to admit. You’re the girl staring off dreamily and anxiously through your bedroom window when the entire world is asleep. You’re the girl that enthusiastically gazes up at the stars, hoping…

Is Loving Another So Much More Than Just A Simple Decision?

· Whether you think you have decided to love or not to love, love will find you anyways, always. ·

When Daniel and Lola had first met, they were both instantly, yet vigilantly aware of an intense attraction and inexplicable connection between them. Lola was in no way at all looking for love while Daniel was convinced that he had already found love. Lola was entirely unnerved and overawed by his presence; convinced that there…

My Words Matter!

When I began writing my very first book many, many years ago, I knew that the writing part would be the easiest part of the entire “write-a-book-and-publish-a-book” process. Accomplished and best-selling authors who have been around for years relentlessly warn all new writers to be cautious and keenly aware of publishing houses and how they…